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AKSA Trade offers an exhaustive range of automotive belts and covers the whole range of vehicle engines. Belts are available for European, Asian, American cars. V-belts, serpentine belts, timings belts for any car in one place in Dubai. 

If you don't find the necessary V-belt or timing belt, just make an inquiry here. Either contact AKSA Trade spare parts sales team here.  

Part number: 7pk2418 V-Ribbed Belts | 7pk2418 Are available
V-Ribbed Belts 7pk2418
up to 32 AED
Part number: 6PK2390 MultiRib Belt | 6PK2390 Are available
MultiRib Belt 6PK2390
up to 37 AED
Part number: 4PK824 V-Ribbed Belt | 6PK1615 Are available
V-Ribbed Belt 4PK824
up to 11 AED
Part number: 6PK1615 V-Belt | 6PK1615 Are available
V-Belt 6PK1615
up to 19 AED
Part number: 7PK1663 V-Belt | 7PK1663 Are available
V-Belt 7PK1663
up to 20 AED
Part number: 6PK1990 Ribbed V-Belt | 6PK1990 Are available
Ribbed V-Belt 6PK1990
up to 20 AED
Part number: 6DPK1195 Multirib Belt | 6DPK1195 Are available
Multirib Belt 6DPK1195
up to 23 AED
Part number: 7DPK2074 V-Belt | 7DPK2074 Are available
V-Belt 7DPK2074
up to 42 AED
Part number: 6PK2680 MultiRib Belt | 6PK2680 Are available
MultiRib Belt 6PK2680
up to 34 AED