About AKSA Trade Auto spare parts and accessories


Welcome to AKSA Trade!

The AKSA Trade is the first online spare parts store in UAE.

AKSA Trade this is a new concept of spare part trading in UAE.  We are not one of the largest or most fancy companies, but we are here to make auto spare parts trading services in Dubai as excellent as possible. We are ready to work for you. You will save a lot by entrusting spare parts works to us.

Our idea is to make workshops work process as easy as possible. We are ready to take all works related to spare parts.

AKSA is selling all kinds of auto spare parts for all kinds of light vehicles. We provide parts which you cannot find on the local market. We sell tires, batteries, all auto spare parts and all necessary fluids for light vehicles.

We are here to lift spare parts trading services to a new level. 


Because we are working for you, to help you save your time and money.  Because we provide spare parts on time and all the works will be done without any delay. If you start to work with AKSA, there will be no hassle to get necessary auto spare parts in Dubai. 

You don’t need to waste your time on searching auto spare parts in Dubai. We will do it for you.

You don’t need to waste your time for collecting parts from suppliers. We will bring it for you.

We provide you very competitive prices for all auto spare parts in Dubai. 

Our mission is to provide an excellent customer care service.


AKSA Trade team