AKSA Trade leading supplier/retailer of OE and OEM car parts and components in the UAE.

At AKSA Trade we retail in Brembo products as part of our committment to quality and durable product supply. 

Brembo is the leading brand in design and manufacturing of braking systems for high performance cars and motorcycles, both street and competition. Performance, Comfort and Design are the values which distinguish the brand and make Brembo products the most prestigious braking systems and components in the world.

AKSA Trade supplies Brembo products and components suitable for your car from among Brembo range of products which include;

  • Base Brakes
  • Medium Brakes
  • Large Brakes
  • Sporting Brakes
  • SUV Brakes
  • Aftermarket Brake Discs
  • Aftermarket DOT 4 Brake Fluids
  • Drums
  • Brake Shoes
  • Brake Hydraulics etc