How to Buy

How do I Buy

Step 1: Visit our website and click on Registration button to register with us for the login purposes.

Step 2: Fill in the general details which is mandatory which includes email, company name, delivery address, and mobile number. After submitting the details your account is created and you will be receiving a email from us with your username and password details.

Step 3: Once submitted, please go back to our website ( and click on Login Button. You need to mention your user id and password to login to your account.

Step 4: Search your required items by typing the name or by entering the part numbers and now you can view the items required with the prices.

Step 5: Now select the basket option in the items required which will be directly added to the cart.

Step 6: Now you need to select the quantity of the selected item. Once selected your item is ready for checkout.

Step 7: You will be directed to the home screen and now you can see “CART” button, click on the cart button and you will be directed to checkout by clicking the “ORDER” button.

Step 8: You will be receiving an email confirmation on your order with the Invoice value which can be paid as COD.