Pedal Boxes


PEDALBOX is an Advanced Technology For Car Acceleration Enhancement.

This high-end product delivers a 10% - 15% boost in acceleration from 0 - 60Km/h all within the safety limits of your car's engine and braking system. . 


It consist of following 4 modes;

  • Blue Standard mode is default mode which is as standard setting installed by manufacturers.
  • Green City mode Significant powerful than Standard mode which gives extra throttle with economical fuel consumption while driving in urban traffic areas.
  • Orange Sport mode is more powerful than the city mode which enhance the fuel performance with extra stabilized acceleration for all old and new technology cars.
  • Red Sport mode is with extra power mode which give even more boost to acceleration to perform extra efficiently. 


The product has an impressive 3 step simple installation process based on the specifics of your car's make and model.


After installation the immediate benifits include; 

  • Improved throttle response for all vehicle types (naturally aspirated, turbo, compressor).
  • Suitable for all vehicles with automatic or manual transmissions.
  • No more delays in acceleration when pressing the accelerator.
  • No more "flat spots" - the transmission applies power evenly.


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