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Engine air filters | K&N filters | Air intake filters | Performance Air Intake

The best air intake performance filters. K&N Air intake systems and filters in Dubai. Easy upgrade for the car, increase horsepower by changing cold air intake filter or system. AKSA Trade offers only the best engine air filters, best performance air intake systems and the best air intake kits in Dubai!

If you don't find the necessary K&N air intake filters, just make an inquiry here. Either contact AKSA Trade spare parts sales team here.  

Part number: 1780120040 Toyota Engine Air Filter 1780120040 Are available Toyota
Make: Toyota
1780120040, Toyota Engine Air Filter for Nissan and Infiniti engines. This Engine Air Filter is fit for Nissan and Infiniti engines.
up to 79 AED
Part number: 30757155 Volvo Engine Air Filter 30757155 Are available Volvo
Make: Volvo
30757155, Volvo Engine Air Filter for Volvo engines. This Engine Air Filter is a fit for Volvo S40, V50, C30, C70, S60 engines.
up to 142 AED
Part number: 13727838804 BMW Engine Air Filter 13727838804 Are available BMW
Make: BMW
13727838804 Engine Air Filter for BMW engines.  This part is an Engine Air Filter fit for BMW E90, E92, E93 engines.
up to 179 AED
Part number: CRF605/08 BMC Carbon Racing Filter Are available BMC
Make: Audi
CRF605/08, BMC Carbon Racing Filter for racing performance. This 2 piece set Carbon filters are reusable and washable and are designed for high performance.
up to 3045 AED